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"Nature is the Doctor within - let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates

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During the last 25 years in private practice as a qualified & registered Naturopathic Practitioner, it has been my passion to find & use wellness & natural medicines that improve the health & wellbeing of my patients.

I have found the best approach is to build & strengthen the mind-body complex holistically so the internal healing mechanisms are optimized for self-healing.

The program I developed is called the Wellness Mind-Body Reset & it comprises of 4 key foundational elements - Nutrition * Movement * Relaxation * Mindfulness

Please feel free to reach out to me for a personal consult or use this website to provide you with the necessary information & resources to take back control of your wellbeing & move on a path of wellness.

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Dr Chase is available for consultations that use nature’s medicine for your wellbeing.

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Dr Chase Webber - Registered Naturopath

Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa - A08829

Board of Health Care Practice Number - 636274

The White Lotus Wellness Center , 79 Kloof Street, Gardens 8001, Cape Town, South Africa

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